High Quality Media Design


We are experienced in website design, programming, digital image processing, video editing, composing, mixing and editing music and audio, digital advertising and project development.

Visit our portfolio and convince yourself. Note that many projects were realized before we decided to move to a price independent business model.

Pay What You Want


We want to ensure great success—for projects that have great potential changing the world to a better place. It's absolutely true, you can choose what you want to pay us for our service.

The average hourly rate of a professional programmer is something between EUR 90 and 140. But please don't take these rates as a reference, your project's budget determines our salary.

We think it's fair.

Yes, I Want Your Service

Why Do I Get Perfect Quality For Any Price?

Because we trust you. And because the world and its economy are moving into a direction we are no longer willing to support.

Please understand that we cannot satisfy all requests, simply because we are humans and no robots—and we love our life. After proposing a project, we'll carefully consider its value for the world, our environment and society. However, we do guarantee an answer after your first contact.